Our Story

Three Sheets to the Wind, a blues-laced folk and eclectic 'lectric band, dates to 2007 and the Open Mic at the Elks Lounge in South Miami. Michael had just heard the Dixie Chicks' "Long Time Gone," a toe-tapping' tune he was determined to sing—though not alone. He knew Laura had a great voice, and though she didn't know him from Adam, said "Why not?" and the two were off and running.  Laura soon strong-armed bass legend "The Rich" Bradwell (who played a sea-foam-green bass - same color as his car!) to join. The trio played under a few names, but "Three Sheets to the Wind" (Rich's general playing condition?) really stuck. This first incarnation of Three Sheets stayed and played together for a year, a few gigs here and there. Then Rich moved on (he bought a beautiful track of land in Hawaii), and Three Sheets underwent a retooling.  


In late 2011, Three Sheets added Seth Troner, "not just another pretty bass," laying down his steady bass line and John "Robi" settling in behind the drum kit. With the core trio in place, Three Sheets to the Wind cast to sea at full sail. 

Judy Martin Mendelsohn joined the band in October 2013 (at a Books&Books gig) bringing her presence and pizzazz—and soaring, sassy vocals—to the music mix. The core sound—acoustic, soulful, percussive Americana—now expanded to include a more electric bluesy with danceable tunes. 

Kevin Simon stepped in as our regular drummer in 2017 when John moved out of town. Kevin learned his drumming chops in the U.S. Marine Corps Band, he's accomplished in a range of musical styles—classical/orchestral, jazz, rock, and blues. 

Drummer and eco-warrior Greg Hamra joined the band for a period of months and a number of excellent gigs until he headed out to Colorado to escape the Miami summer, which he does every year.  

Josh Aberman, a superb bass player who plays with a host of other bands, came aboard in September 2021, and soon after Kevin “The Major” rejoined after a short hiatus—both players have added to the good vibe that makes Three Sheets the Blues-Laced Folk & ‘Lectric Band, versatile and multifaceted, that it is.

Band leader Michael continues to write his own music/songs and to expand the band's style and outreach. He and Judy often perform as as a singing duo and/or trio offering a lighter, but still wonderfully upbeat, sound. 

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Published May 12, 2023