Our Story

Three Sheets dates to 2007 and the Open Mic at the Elks Lounge in South Miami (still going strong!) I'd just heard "Long Time Gone," a toe-tapping Dixie Chicks tune that I was bound and determined to sing - but not alone. I knew Laura had a great voice, though she didn't know me from Adam, still I asked. "Why not?" she replied. And we were off. Laura strong-armed bass legend "The Rich" Bradwell (who played a sea-foam-green bass - same color as his car!) to join us. We played under a few names, but "Three Sheets to the Wind" (Rich's general playing condition?) really stuck. Three musicians, playing tunes that moved us, a little wild, flapping in the wind. This first incarnation of Three Sheets stayed and played together for a year, a few gigs here and there. Then Rich moved on (he bought a beautiful track of land in Hawaii), and Three Sheets underwent a retooling.  


Dan Dickinson from the UM music school joined me playing stand-up bass, Luis Garcia stepped in on fiddle with either amigo Bill Gato or John Robitaille on drums. We played a few festivals, mostly at Fairchild Tropical Gardens then...


In late 2011, Three Sheets formed "de verdad" with Seth Troner, "not just another pretty bass," laying down his steady bass line and John "Robi" settling in behind the drum kit. With the core trio in place, Three Sheets to the Wind cast to sea at full sail. 

Adding a "fifth" has become a Three Sheets modus operandi - fifth musician, that is. Jack Stamates plays with us when he can, bringing one of the hottest South Florida fiddles to the mix. Delray-based Mark Hurwitz sat in with us recently at the UM Beaux Arts Fest for the first time bringing his own full horn section - Mark plays a host of wind instruments including saxes, flutes, clarinets and more. Reed Olzsack has gigged with us a few times, adding a saucy keyboard to the groove. Alex Lefebvre sits in from time to time on djembe/congos to amp up the percussion section.  


In early October 2013, Judy Martin joined us bringing her presence and pizzazz - and soaring, sassy vocals - to the mix. The core of our sound remains soulful Americana with an increasingly heavy dose of blues and dance tunes. Seth and Mikel continue to work in original tunes to bolster the repertoire. Three Sheet fans - stay tuned for more. 

Published May 12, 2023

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